China Colored Stainless Steel Technology Promoting Centre of Hubei University , is a high-tech centre specialized in promoting stainless steel colored bepainting technology, established in the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of Hubei University and has the formidable technical force consists of Professors, associate professors and doctors. Meanwhile, it is the supporting institution of stainless steel colored bepainting technology spectified by the Science and Technology Ministry.

  Since the establishment of the center, with its thick plot development and production of many years of solid experience and the production, engineering and technical strength and innovative spirit of the challenge team, has been developed to produce newest, fashion, the same industry-leading colored brand stainless steel products, domestic and international cooperation and undertake long-term development orders . Center or through the transfer of technology developed by the colored stainless steel products technical quality indicators have reached the international advanced level of similar products to fill China's stainless steel processing technology in the new field blank. Center through independent development innovation, digest and absorb foreign advanced technology products similar to change the traditional stainless steel coloring process, the use of advanced computer control of the technology, has overcome colored stainless steel surface modification technology problems, the main achievement of stainless steel and colored layer formed integration , developed with a new generation of advanced international level colored stainless steel. Products tested by the state authority institutions - industrial machinery surface coverage of product quality supervision and inspection center that: surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel and can withstand 10 more salt spray corrosion and UV irradiation for more than 30 years do not change color and coloring of the main integration, maintained the basic structure of the original stainless steel and basic technical performance, the conventional molding and tensile molding; Coloring is fashionable and the surface layer, color Ban Lan, the brightly-colored, beautiful colors, soft, elegant, finish higher benefits.

  Grasp the pulse of the times, the conclusion of the next technology. The Center will be a more sincere attitude, a pragmatic style, solid strength, improve services and work together with you.

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